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Excursion Ourika Valley

Excursion Ourika Valley :

  • A great escapade in High Atlas Mountain

    Morocco Trip Travel take you in a great adventure to Ourika valley. First of all, Ourika is High Atlas Mountains pearl. It has Graet landscapes and scenic views. Also, There are seven cute small chutes. furthermore, Ourika is a great example of Morocco’s diversty. it has Berbr people and their great clay villages, and, vegetation diversity. These two elements give a great culture in the hub of Atlas Mountain. In addition to that, there a magical river in Ourika, where you can chill beside the stream. Seti-Famta’s chutes pours in Ourika’s river to give a great scene where you can chill and calm.

  • Things to see, enjoy and live in Ourika valley

    Ourika is the third and last valley of the three valleys. First, we set off Marrakech at 09:00 am or 10:00 am, we pass by Mohamed VI street to head to Ourika valley. Second, we reach to High Atlas Mountains layers, the drive pause to take picture to scenic views and to rest. Third we set feet in Ourika valley to see the wonderful river, charms chutes, and great mountains peaks. last but not least, we wander in the valley to enjoy a great time a breath clean mountain breeze. Finally, we have a delicious meal near the river then we drive back to Marrakech.

  • Features:

    A full day trip to Ourika valley and chutes,

    And great scenes of Beber villages and High Atlas Mountains

    Also, it is family friendly,

    And, a wander amoung natural scenic views.

  • Our services includes:

    A comprehensive comfortable transport

    And, hotel& Riad pick up and drop off

    Also, Insurance

  • Our services excludes:

    Lunches and drinks

    Also, gratuities

    Entrance fees and extra depenses.